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Due to staffing shortages RailCyclers is ending our season early

A Great Family Outing!

Railcycler's venue is located at 212 Depot Street in Unity Maine.

Experience riding the rails from a unique perspective while enjoying the scenery and wildlife along the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad Tracks.

Riding railcycles is a low-impact, quiet, non-polluting activity, and a great way to get in shape. Railcycles are basically a tandem single speed pedal bike built specifically for the rails. 

Each railcycle has seats for 2 pedalers. 

Restrictions & Notes:

  • Enclosed footwear is required!,
    • No sandals!
    • No clogs!
    • No crocs!
    • No open-backed shoes!
  • Pedalers must be at least 10 years old.
  • Weight limit for pedalers is 250 lbs.
  • Please wear pants or shorts.
  • Cyclers are encouraged to bring water and snacks.
  • COVID-19 Note: Railcycle partners should be members of the same household or have close relationship.

This year RailCyclers will start its season at our Unity venue.


Please use our online booking system as we have a limited number of railcycles and seating is limited.  Walk in are allowed, but subject to availability

A guide trained in rail operations and will accompany each group. They assure safe crossing of public roadways and assist in turning the cycles at the half-way point for the trip back. 

If you and/or a group are interested in railcycles, please email us for additional information and we would be happy to fill you in on the details.


RailCyclers reserves the right to change equipment and schedules without advance notice. RailCyclers cannot be responsible for unscheduled delays. 


 Driving Directions to RailCycler's Unity Venue


To contact RailCyclers

please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by phone (207) 315-9410 or (888) 317-2142

or by mail at


PO Box 326
Unity, Maine 04988 


Railcyclers is owned by the Brooks Preservation Society, a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization.